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Save Face with A CLEAN Shave!

Trying to get a good shave in the morning shouldn’t be a hassle, But sometimes your tools aren’t up to the job. Time to check your equipment! Electric razors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and brand names – and they all use cutters or “heads”. Over time the cutters or blades can dull and may start to pull whiskers instead of cutting them (you WILL know it when it’s happening). What many customers don’t realize is that a shaver that has stopped performing well may just need a simple cleaning.

A clean shaver almost always shaves like a new shaver. Taking the time to clean the shaver’s heads under running water with a brush at least once a week can dramatically improve performance, reduce skin irritation and can even lengthen the useful life of the blades and rotary combs or foils. Simply opening the shaver’s head and “knocking out” the whiskers doesn’t quite get you there – grab the razor’s cleaning brush or an old toothbrush, remove the heads from the shaver and give them a real cleaning. When you’ve finished, nothing further prepares your shaver for doing its best like using a good shaver spray. Shaver spray is to be applied to the heads while the shaver is running and helps to clean and lubricate so that the razor’s heads run at top speed (the faster your shaver runs, the more efficiently it will shave).  You can use Remington, Norelco, Sterling’s or Eltron shaver spray brands on any electric shaver – they are all formulated to work on all electric shavers!  Click here to find shaver spray at Nelson’s.

Many customers come to us for new shaver blades, and we’re happy to provide them – but many times we’ve been able to save our customers money by providing a cleaning instead. Of course, if you find a hole, tear or dent in your electric shaver’s heads, only new heads will restore proper performance (and save your skin from a nasty bite).  Most shaver instruction manuals recommend new shaver heads every one to two years (depending on brand), but every beard is different, and not everyone shaves every day.  Regardless of the age of your shaver blades, pay attention to their performance – once you notice that cleaning no longer restores the cutting performance you are used to, it is likely time to find new heads.  But always remember – keeping them clean will keep you shaving clean for a long time!